Get a Blogging Boost in 2015 with These Helpful Tips

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New year, new opportunities for blog growth, right? You have 365 days in 2015 to make big steps in your blog’s growth, whether that is through reader engagement, brand partnerships, page visits, or better content! Sometimes the most effective ways to make your blog successful are also the simplest! Make sure you aren’t missing these key tips in 2015:

Share your content – everywhere

You could write amazing content, have gorgeous photos, and still not have the kind of viewership you want if you don’t share with your followers! Think of your social media followers as potential readers, and how to best show them your great content! Have hundreds or thousands of followers on Pinterest? Pin images from your posts to your account! Do the same thing on Twitter and Facebook – don’t just keep your blog on your blog. Share it with the world and you may be surprised how much more traffic you get!


No seriously – how many times a week/month/year do you stare at your computer and wonder what you should post? Take the extra few hours you have, whenever you have them, and jot down ideas. If a journal works best, keep one in your bag or next to your bed. Is Excel your best friend? Keep a spreadsheet readily available on your desktop! Always try to keep your list full, so if you do end up hurriedly writing a post, you’ll have a list of well thought out ideas to choose from.

Link to old blog posts

How long have you been blogging? How many posts have you written? Don’t let those go to waste after a week – link to relevant blog posts in newer posts to continue reader engagement with older content. Age is just a number! It’s okay to occasionally share older posts on your social channels too. DIYs and how-to’s are always relevant!


Look at your blog page. Are you stressed out? If your eye darts from one place to the next without a focus, you should simplify your design. Too many colors, crazy images, and links can confuse the reader and make keeping up with content distracting! Think of the top five things you want your readers to see from your page, and decide if you really need the rest.

Reach out

If you’ve run out of ideas or options, don’t settle for only “okay” when it comes to your content or goals for your blog. Reach out! Whether that is to a blogger friend, FAQs, or professionals, like Adorn, you can get closer to your blogging potential! If you are interested in talking to the Adorn ladies about moving your blog to the next level, start by filling out our Consulting Inquiry form, then learn about the types of packages you can order here. We can’t wait to work with you!

What’s the best piece of blogging advice you’ve ever received?