This or that: swim coverup

With Megan’s west coast travels and Lauren’s Cancun vacation on our minds, can you be surprised we’re a little summer beach obsessed lately?! Instead of keeping inside from the oncoming sweltering heat, we’re trying to find more ways to hit the coast (or the pool) in our favorite swimsuits! But to avoid the sun’s harsh rays (or let’s be honest – for evenings we want to have that extra margarita in peace) it’s always smart to bring a cute coverup. There are tons of styles, but which do you like best? Megan wore this strappy royal blue coverup in California, while Lauren donned her chambray tunic in Mexico. Sure, Lauren’s provides a bit more coverage from the sun, but Megan’s looks adorable and girly! Both are winners in our book.

What about you? What is your go-to swim coverup? We love this coverup, this one, and this style too!