This or that: classic vs sexy



Whether it’s date night, a wedding, a girls’ night out, or just because you want to, sometimes a girl just has to put on her best dress. And we all know what styles we love the most. We know if a drop-waist is the way to go, or if strapless is a must! The Adorn Team went gaga when we saw Lauren’s gorgeous Rent the Runway dress she donned to a wedding recently, but we agreed that not everyone would be comfortable wearing a serious pop of color! We looked in our blog archives and found this super flirty and fun short, neutral dress that Megan rocked on a date night last year! Both are super stylish and show off different sides of our ladies’ personalities, so there’s no going wrong.

So we have to ask – which is your go-to style? Do you like neutral, short, and edgy? Or bright, girly and classic?


image sources: Fashionably Lo / Lush to Blush