Style your summer denim for spring

With spring already here, or close to arrival in some places, we wanted to get some input from a fashion blogger on how to style your own summer denim staples for the changing seasons! Thanks to Katherine from Style Tab for showing us how it’s done!

Spring is my favorite season and the few weeks leading up to it are always the hardest. If you’re like me, you probably feel like you’re being tortured every time you step into a store right now. Why? Because all of the mannequins are wearing silky printed joggers, breezy maxi dresses or beautiful strappy sandals, that’s why. Meanwhile, I’m wearing about seven layers of clothing, rain boots ill suited for the snow on the ground that refuses to melt and a wallet that’s become quite thin from all of the Domino’s delivery I’ve purchased this winter. Le sigh.

In an effort not to let seasonal affective disorder get the best of me, I decided to do a little shopping under my bed, from my storage bins, to be exact. Unearthing your spring and summer clothes from hibernation is the perfect way to refresh your closet without shelling out for a whole new wardrobe. I recently reunited with some of my favorite summer denim staples and today I’m showing you how you can start wearing them right now.


Boyfriend jeans: I think the best way to winterize boyfriend jeans is with a big, bold sweater. I prefer a chunky knit that I can layer over my jeans, but a soft, lighter weight sweater or turtleneck that can be slightly tucked in the front looks great, too. If you prefer to wear your boyfriend jeans cuffed like I do, simply layer them over a fun pair of tights or thick over-the-knee socks. You’re legs will stay just as warm and a pop of color adds unexpected interest. For footwear, I recommend your favorite booties, or a cool menswear-inspired loafer. Literally top off your look with other winter accessories like a chunky scarf or beanie.


Distressed denim shorts: I practically live in my distressed denim shorts in the summer and while they may seem more appropriate in a festival field, I’ve dared to make them work for winter. I think the best way to incorporate denim shorts into your winter look is with a textured legging, such as leather, and a winter-ish color palette. I chose to go with lighter shades of grey, purple and blue, but the black leather legging adds a toughness that makes this outfit work for colder temps. Avoid wearing bright colors with your denim shorts until it gets a little bit warmer.


Denim vest: True life: I still own my Hollister jacket-turned-vest that I cut up myself in college. Does it still fit like it did in college? Not quite, but I’m making it work. I’ll admit that a denim vest can definitely be tricky to pull off when you’re not at the beach or a Kenny Chesney concert. Pairing your vest with a simple patterned top, like stripes or flannel, is a great way to incorporate it into your current closet situation. Another great option is pairing it with a neutral-colored sweater and dark denim for a casual, yet chic look.

What do you think of my looks? Will you be breaking out your summer denim earlier this year?