4 tips for blogging while traveling

aeostyle3-960x640The wanderlust bug must have bitten the Adorn team, because several of us are going on big trips in 2015! If you follow Megan’s blog (or our Insta!) then you will have already seen her jealousy-inducing trip to Hawaii in early February. Did you see this Instagram from Lauren? She is heading off to soak up some sun and sand, while Emily is traveling to London at the end of March!

One of the best parts of traveling, besides the travel itself, is sharing with your readers and having them involved in your fun escapades, though it can also be difficult to decipher how you should write about your travels. Should you blog during your vacation, before, afterwards? How much should you share? If you don’t share your trip, will you lose credibility with your readership? It can be a tough line to walk!

Here are some of our best ideas and tips to help you figure out your travel blogging game plan.

  1.  Involve your readers! (side note: if you want to)

Your blog’s readers are there because they like what you write and want to be involved in your life! Sharing your adventures is another way to connect with your followers – if you are excited about a trip, don’t feel the need to hide it. When blogger Amy Stone announced her trip to California she asked readers their recommendations for places to eat, see, and shop. You’ll never know who could have the best inside scoop on where to go! However, if you want this to be a full vacation – i.e. no blogging responsibilities, then by all means do it. Which leads to our next tip…

  1. Share photos!

It doesn’t matter if you share a recap or detail by detail of your trip, but readers will want to see photos. Remember the quote about a photo being worth a thousand words? If it feels difficult to get back into the blogging routine post-travels, try posting a photo diary without much copy. Regardless of where it was, photos are a fun way to share with your online friends.


  1. Mix in some reviews

If you travel to a big city, odds are you won’t be the only one of your blogging circle to visit that city. Before you go, ask your readers if they have any suggestions – you might be surprised at their answers or find a hidden gem! While you’re away, remember the places you visited, things you did, and experiences you had that made your trip so much fun, and share those once you return. Even better, sharing those reviews may help your SEO results and expand your readership!

  1. Plan ahead and keep sponsorships in mind

Before writing about your travels, think of how you want to structure your post. Will you write more than one post about your trip? What will you highlight? If you’ve had sponsorships on the trip, then plan your other recaps around those posts. Remember not to over-share either! It may have been a fantastic trip, but after a few weeks of hearing about it your readers may be ready for other content. So before you excitedly scribble every detail into one lengthy entry, make a plan and stick to it.

So those are some of our quick ideas and tips for blogging and traveling. Ultimately, travel is meant for having fun where you are, so don’t spend your time glued to your laptop! Whether you choose to share your trip during the experience or afterwards, you will have so much fun looking back (and excellent #tbt content)! Do you have any tips for blogging while traveling?