Adorn Media Group is an Atlanta based blog consulting firm, specializing in customized brand development and marketing strategies for aspiring and established influencers alike. We strive to connect, engage and inspire trendsetters at both the local and national level by offering guidance and resources that are unique to each client.

Adorn Media Group was founded by two women who have dominated the marketing, creative  and online media fields. Megan Elliott and Lauren Price bring a unique perspective to tastemakers with specialized skills, experience, and unmatched know-how. Adorn Media Group offers groundbreaking solutions to elevate your blog’s success to the next level, both through consulting and completely tailored experiences.


We get you.
We’re bloggers, too.
Combined, we bring our clients 10+ years experience in blogging and marketing.

We’ve secured collaborations and paid partnerships with some of the country’s leading brands including Olay, St. Regis Hotels, NARS, J Crew, Shopbop, Free People, SAKS, Nordstrom, Airbnb, Loews Hotels, Stella Artois, Bacardi and more.


“Adorn helped me see how important brand clarity is for your business and how to showcase your brand’s identity with social media!”

“Because Lauren and Megan are bloggers, they have first hand insight into what makes a blog successful. They are highly knowledgeable in all aspects such as branding, marketing, content, and increasing traffic. I love that they are energetic, approachable and thoughtful – a dynamic team that I enjoy working with!”

“Adorn Media has been instrumental in helping me kick start my fashion and lifestyle blog! Both Megan and Lauren genuinely seem interested in my growth and are always rooting for me to succeed! Their support has been greatly appreciated – I couldn’t have done it without them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a blog or build any type of brand for that matter. They will not disappoint!”


We’re here to help influencers navigate…

  • How best to collaborate with brands and secure PAID partnerships
  • Their overall branding and aesthetic
  • Executing an Instagram strategy focused on content, audience growth and engagement
  • Running a defined social media strategy with innovative content
  • Managing blog content development & planning
  • An understanding of photography & composition
  • Becoming more familiar with programs like Photoshop & Lightroom for content
  • And more!

Questions? Ready to get started? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Head of Digital Marketing Strategy
Lauren: lauren@adornmediagroup.com

Head of Creative Brand Development Megan: megan@adornmediagroup.com